How to Apply for a Study Abroad Program

  1. Choose your program

Browse the list of programs that Iona College offers on their website. Read each thoroughly to find out what classes are offered with each trip, the amount of credits that a student can receive in return, and what is required by the student academically. Also consider what program fits best with your scheduled classes.

  1. Calculate the costs

Use Iona’s budget worksheet to predict the cost of the chosen program. The cost of a semester programs is equivalent to Iona’s tuition and room and board. Summer and spring break programs have a separate cost that can be calculated. Some costs are not included in the price of the programs such as airfare, independent travel and personal spending money.

  1. Meet with your advisor

Review the graduation requirements with your advisor. This will help to determine how the classes taken abroad will fit into your schedule. Some of the program descriptions indicate how the credits can be used whether it is major, core, elective or minor requirements.

  1. Go to the introductory study abroad meeting

Go to the initial meetings that introduce you to the study abroad programs to help in the decision process of to go or not to go. These meetings will give you a base idea of what the trip will be like.

  1. Start the application process

Once a program has been chosen, you will receive the application for your specific program from the introductory meetings.

  1. Letters of recommendation

Part of the application includes letters of recommendation. Find people who know you well as a student and person who will provide you with a great letter of recommendation.

  1. Turn in “Signature Verification” form

This is a physical form that must be signed and brought to the Study Abroad office along with a copy of an approved form of government ID.

  1. Save your spot!

Submit the necessary paperwork along with a $10 fee to save your spot on whatever trip you decide.

  1. Go to the monthly meetings for your trip

Each study abroad program has monthly meetings that are a must for attendance. You will be informed of necessary information and payment options during these meetings.

  1. Prepare to pay

Now that you have reserved your spot, an initial fee will be asked for as well as other payment installments to pay for the whole trip. Keep track of these payments because there are many before actually going on the trip.

  1. Save money and prepare

Start to save up some money for spending while abroad because you never know what you will need money for. Start preparing family, friends and yourself for the trip. Depending on what trip you choose, you will be away for some time. Create a calling schedule with family, and update friends about the trip.