What’s Your Pitch

Anyone with advertising or marketing experience will tell you that a good campaign takes time, effort and hard work. “The Pitch” on AMC is a window into the world of marketing firms pitching for clients.

In an episode from season 2, Tommy Bahama has approached two firms: Neuron Syndicate and Pasadena Advertising.  The campaign was for a  new line of women’s clothing. In two days, each firm would have to show basic ideas and at the end of the week pitch their completed idea. The firms had to take what Tommy Bahama offered as their direction and come up with a campaign that best fits.

One of the main points that can be taken from this episode is that the first idea isn’t always the best. While Neuron Syndicate stuck with their first idea, Pasadena had to rearrange their first and come up with a second. Even though Neuron was able to secure the client with their first idea, the campaign as a whole needed work to hone in on the idea Tommy Bahama was going for.

The second point that could be seen through this episode was how to come up with ideas. There is no one right way if brainstorming. While one firm had a formal meeting to brainstorm, the other sat down, had some drinks and just had a conversation about what was said in the client meeting. Both strategies had the end result of a light bulb idea.

It was clear that developing marketing campaigns for firms is not easy nor straightforward. Whoever connects with the clients idea the best will ultimately come out on top with the client and their campaign.

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