Zappos: Not Just Shoes

If you are a shoe fanatic, you probably know of an online company called Zappos. It was founded in 1999 with a shoe base, but has expanded to much more. In a presentation by CEO, Tony Hsieh, he describes the corporate culture and what is important to the company.

“Powered by service” is a line used to describe Zappos in Hsieh’s presentation. In other words, the company is more focused on the service, both material and customer based, rather than numbers and profit. This is done through the use of accurate information, quick delivery and customer satisfaction. While other companies continually want customer numbers to increase, Zappos focuses on their repeat customers and finding the best price for products. Not that Zappos does not want to increase their customer numbers, but they care about the loyal followers more than finding new ones to increase numbers consistently.

However, Zappos faces some PR challenges. Their brand is so connected to shoes, few people realize the expansion of products the company has. This could keep their image as one dimensional because it is not well known for more than shoes. While their stance on customer service is firm and high priority, their is more to the company than shoes and service.

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