Ethics are Essential

As communicators, there is a set of ethics that must be followed. Journalism and PR both have specific sets of ethics that professionals follow.

After watching the PR Ethics YouTube video, one of the major points that I learned was not settling with the first job you find, especially if it isn’t an ethical match.

As new professionals and young communicators graduating college and enter the work force, the draw to grabbing the first offer is inticing. However, it is important to feel comfortable in the beliefs of the company knowing that they match up with your own.

The best way to find out is to bring up ethics in an interview. Asking questions during an interview is highky encouraged, so ehy not ask about the ethics of a company?

A great question is, has the company has run into any ethical issues, and how did they handle it. This not only is an opportunity for you to gain insight into the ethical beliefs of your potential employer, but also shows them that you are willing to do the research and ask the hard questions.

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