The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a centuries-old artform conveying messages or lesson to an audience through word of mouth, images or many other means for many different reasons. Ira Glass explains the idea of storytelling as it relates to broadcasting through a series of videos.

One of Glass’s main point was you have to find a create a story from the content you intend to broadcast to an audience. The better the story, the more the audience will connect and relate. However, you are not going to be good at it right away. You have an idea of what good storytelling and good broadcasting sounds like, but you won’t have that right away. Typically, your first few stories won’t sound anything like how you think they should, but that is okay. Good storytelling, like good broadcasting, takes time. Another point Glass made that coincides is that you might be a good storyteller, but not a good reporter another piece that will come with time and experience.

Both of these points I can take as advice in regards to my radio show. Rather than relaying information through a radio broadcast, I should find a way to relay it like a story to capture the audience. If people just wanted information about a subject, a simple Google search could provide it and they could move on. Listeners of a radio show, however, want to be entertained with a story of sorts instead of just access to another portal of information. This is what I will keep in mind as I pursue my radio show.

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