Town Hall Article

New details about the resident hall on North Avenue were revealed on Thursday at the Iona College Town Hall meeting.

The hall’s completion is scheduled for Aug. 15, 2015, and will be open for students next fall according to Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Anne Marie Schettini-Lynch.

According to Lynch this hall will be designated for juniors and senior only with an apartment style layout, and a new dining facility on the first floor that could not be confirmed yet.

“One of the things that we heard from students is having more apartment style living,” Lynch said.

Each apartment will be limited to four students only. The design consists of either four singles or two doubles that include a bathroom and a half, with the exception of the handicap accessible rooms with one large bath.

A lounge space and kitchenette area will also be part of the suites. However, only a stove top and a microwave are included. Ovens will be available to students in the lounge area that is provided at the end of each floor according to Lynch.

By expanding with the new dormitory, more space will be provided for students resulting in the removal of beds in Loftus, South and Conese Hall.

“So one of the other things we’re looking at is how we make those buildings more comfortable, and so some of them feel a little overcrowded,” Lynch said. “So we are actually looking to take beds out and reduce the number of beds in certain suites that feel a little bit overcrowded, so giving more space to the students who chose to live there.”

Iona College Senior Anastasia Giannakakos will not experience the new hall next year, but thinks it is a positive change in regard to the new dining.

“The new resident hall is another very innovative part of the board of trustees because the fact that they are incorporating dining that is open both to Iona students and the public is just a way to incorporate our community and not really isolate us from the rest of New Rochelle,” Giannakakos said.

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